Status Confirmed … sort of

18 01 2008

I just met with the Rec Club coordinator, and we are now “mostly” considered a club.  I’m still filling out the final paper work.  But, our status is on the up.


Winter Term Rec-Club Status

27 11 2007

Currently we are NOT a rec-club on campus.  Our status is simply a group of students meeting during open gym times to lift weights together.  Not that there is anything inherently wrong with that, but now that we have a larger group of us, I’d like us to sign up as a campus rec club.

For those interested, please email me ( so that we can discuss how you can help.


No Official Practice on Monday, Oct. 15th

10 10 2007

I’m going to be in Arizona from Thursday till Tuesday the 16th.  So, there will be no official practice on Monday next week (oct.15).  But that doesn’t mean you get to slack!

For monday:

Power Snatch:  5×5

Sumo Deadlifts:  5×5


A1:  Push Press: 8

A2:  lat pull down:  8

A3:  pushups: 8

A4:  Face Pulls: 8

Ab Circuit

B1: Wood Chops: 12

B2:  Stability Ball Crunches:  12

Finish with the Plank:  Hold for as long as you can

Go Low: Pyrros Dimas!

29 09 2007

With work, you can too!

It’s not easy to get this low in any squat variation, let alone an overhead squat.  But, it CAN be done.  And if you want to compete as a Weightlifter then it MUST be done!

To prep yourself, twice a day: stretch your calves, hamstrings, hip-flexors, glutes, IT band, and anything else that’s tight in your legs.  Use a foam roller (or a tennis ball) and roll out the same areas.   Practice squatting daily without weight.  Do this for a few weeks, then move on to overhead squats with a stick. (a broom stick only!)

For more ideas about how to squat deeper, here’s an article by Ian King at T-nation

(if you’re a PSU Student and want to join the Olympic Weightlifting Club, either come to the Workouts on Monday/Wednesday nights at 7:30pm in the Peter Scott Center weight room, or email Nick:

2007 Heavy Athletics Weightlifting Championships

24 09 2007

I just got back from Creswell and the 2007 Heavy Athletics Weightlifting Championships.  Click here for the full post with pics.

PSU students, the workout times for the club are Monday and Wednesday nights at 7:30pm in the Peter Scott weight room.  All PSU students and Alumni are invited to join and learn how to move heavy weights really fast!  What could be more fun?!

Fall Term, 2008, Olympic Weightlifting Schedule!

19 09 2007

Fall term is about to start (just a few more days)! And that means we have a new projected schedule for the PSU Olympic Weightlifting club. All PSU students (and Alumni) who are interested in learning the Olympic Lifts are encouraged to join.

The projected Schedule this term is going to be Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm.

LIVE: Connecticut Olympic Weightlifting Championships

7 08 2007


Here’s a link to download a player so that you can watch the Connecticut Olympic Weightlifting Championships Video LIVE on August 5th, 2007. Cool eh?

One of the best ways you can learn about how to improve your lifts is to watch closely how others lift.

Spread the word, and the link, and help to support the great sport of Weightlifting.